About Zagga

Zagga is changing the way kiwis invest and borrow money. We are a fully-licensed, mortgage-secured, peer to peer lending platform. We provide a new, safe investment opportunity for investors and we provide borrowers with greater access to finance.

What we deliver

A fresh alternative to borrowing and investing

The Zagga peer to peer platform enables people to borrow money at competitive rates and with more flexible criteria than banks can offer.

Investors get access to new investment opportunities, receive attractive returns, regular monthly payments, investment security and the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where their money is invested.

Investor Security

We're not a finance company and we don't touch our investors’ money. We provide a platform which enables people to borrow money. Investors make their own decisions; choosing who and what they want to invest into and their preferred level of risk and return. Their investments are secured over borrowers’ assets, typically first mortgages over property.

Our people

The Zagga team bring a wealth of experience from backgrounds in finance, credit and risk management, global banking and commercial strategy.

Marcus Morrison
Edwin Morrison - Chairman and Director
Jonathan Eriksen - Director
Peter Goodfellow - Director
Glenn Morris - General Manager - Operations
Bill Calder - General Manager - Credit Risk
Kanisya Sutharsan - Account Manager
Interested in learning more about Zagga? Join our mailing list
Interested in learning more about Zagga? Join our mailing list