Management fees and returns

Borrower interest – management fee = net investor return.

Borrower interest - management fee = net investor return

Net investor return, as advertised on each investment, is what will be paid directly to investors, after management fees have been deducted from the borrowers’ interest rate.

Indicative investor returns

Indicative Zagga investor returns are currently between 8% per annum and 10% per annum

Loan management fees

Our loan management fees range between 1.3% and 1.65%


Please note that all investments carry some degree of risk, and generally higher rates of return are associated with higher risk of loss of capital invested or investment returns.

Zagga acknowledges the risks of investing and has put in place a number of checks and controls to minimise investors’ exposure to risk. This includes the rigorous screening of borrowers, including their credit history, to determine ability to service debt. We also proactively manage loans and take immediate action if a borrower fails to meet their repayment obligations. We further reduce risk by securing all loans over assets, typically first mortgages over property.

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