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Fast and flexible lending

Borrowing through us

Zagga’s funding line is made up of thousands of individual investors, meaning when funding across the market tightens up, we’re not constrained.

Zagga is committed to:

Transaction-specific, risk-based lending rates and transparent pricing

Flexible and bespoke terms and conditions

Property based, asset focused lending processes.

We'll give you a quick 'no' if we feel the loan isn't right for us

Zagga lending for brokers

Our focus is on developing mutually beneficial relationships within the broker network to introduce loans through our purpose-built broker portal.

Business partner

What we lend for


  • Purchase or refinance
  • Renovation
  • Bridging


  • Residential 
  • Commercial


  • Cashflow and working capital finance

We can assist with:

land-bank finance with interest capitalised or paid monthly

site acquisition against improved valuations achieved through rezoning/planning approvals

progressively-drawn construction finance to help meet construction contingency, project management, capitalised interest and the marketing /sales campaign

equity release to the developer to access higher-value projects or provide bridging finance across multiple assets

refinance and recapitalisation of development residual stock to clear construction loans, release equity or to facilitate an extended sales campaign.

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National Partnerships Manager
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