Investor update – Tim Fairbrother

Whilst current market sentiment is improving following the U.S Election, investors still face an uncertain future as the U.S ready’s itself for a new President and Brexit continues to unfold in Europe.

It seems we can no longer look back to understand how markets react to these events as we are continually faced with these historical outcomes. In order for investors to navigate these markets, we always recommend sticking with a basic investment philosophy:

  • Diversification
  • Not abandoning your strategic asset allocation and trying to quickly gain back any losses
  • Selling out of your investments all together.

Investing in markets should be a medium to long term plan. If market volatility makes you nervous, we would recommend reviewing your risk profile with your Financial Adviser while continuing on your investment journey to meet your goals.

Peer to peer investments is one option to consider when looking at a diversified portfolio. With equities subject to increased volatility and interest rates at all-time lows (or negative), the certainty of secured peer to peer investing is becoming more attractive to investors. Through a well-researched and transparent process, competitive interest rate and secured lending, this form of investment continues to draw more attention. Even as interest rates recover, the way in which peer to peer investment is currently filling an income gap in the market, will see it become part of the investment landscape for the future.

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